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HSCRF March Newsletter March 6, 2016

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Dear Friends,

Please check the new video which is updated on the home page on Holistic Inner Science introduction at the 3rd International Dharam – Dhamma Conference in Indore, India.

We are looking for participants for Holistic Science Google Talk shows – it is an hour of commitment on 4th Sunday of the month from 8 p,m – 9 pm Central USA time.
Please email discover if you like to participate in the talk show.
We would love to hear your views!!

Click here to view our previous Holistic Science Google Talks

March articles are below.

Experience the Principle of Acceptance


Read more

Anger: Cause and Remedies

When the volcano of anger erupts, its destructive force destroys relationships and causes irreparable hurt to others. The ill effects of anger linger for a long time.
Anger is one of the highest forms of violence according to Holistic Science. Anger generates a lot of heat and this heat kills thousands of microorganisms that reside in our body.
The underlying cause of anger is ego. When your ego is hurt by others or by extreme circumstances, you get angry. You get angry when things do not go as planned or someone insults you. Holistic Science defines ego as the wrong belief which leads you to believe that you are the name bearer. For example the wrong belief that “I am Manish”, “I am a husband”, “I am a father” or “I am a professor” is my ego.
How can you mitigate these situations so that you can pacify the volcano of anger before it erupts? Here are some remedies for typical situations that arise in our life.
If things do not go as planned, understand that the outcome is in the hands of nature’s regulatory system. All you can do is give it your best. Read more



If you have any questions, please do contact at discover


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