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April articles are here! April 9, 2016

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Dear Friends,

We presented at International Conference on Science & Jain Philosophy that was held in January in Mumbai, India. Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta presented on Holistic Science (Vitrrag Vignan). Rajnikant Patel presented on Biological Law Of Nature and Karma.

Swami Dr. Shaileshanandji presented Holistic Inner Science in the plenuary session on Embedding Life skills in Education: Pathways to Transforming Lives and Skills in India. He mentioned about our visits to schools and colleges.

Swami Deepakanandji and Rajnikant presented two papers in technical session Life skills: Lifelong Learning and Skill development, Impact of ‘Sincerity and Morality’ in our life leading to Inner Happiness and Life Skills to be learned for a Happy Inner Living from nature-Trees and river respectively. Click here for more details.

Please check the new video which is updated on the home page on Holistic Inner Science introduction at the 3rd International Dharam – Dhamma Conference in Indore, India.

We are looking for participants for Holistic Science Google Talk shows – it is an hour of commitment on 4th Sunday of the month from 8 p,m – 9 pm Central USA time.
Please email discover if you like to participate in the talk show.
We would love to hear your views!!

Click here to view our previous Holistic Science Google Talks

April articles are below.

Aphorisms of wisdom

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Read more


I love you, dear trees,
Your whisper in the breeze,
Fills my heart with wonder,
And sets my mind at peace.

Krishna Bhagavan, in the Gita, tells Arjuna, his lain, disciple and great archer, that He is the origin of all, He is the Ashvattha tree among trees. The roots of the Ashvattha lie up in the sky and its leafy branches spread downwords on earth. Therefore we must love and worship trees for they give us oxygen and help us sustain our lives. They are our never failing friends. They whisper to us : "Serve others; never expect any rewards for your service. Be humble. It is the meek, humble that shall inherit the earth."

Krishna Bhagavan also says, "Of the months, I am Margashirsha and of seasons, the flower season-the spring. I am the sweet fragrance in earth." Read more


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