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July articles are here! July 5, 2016

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Dear Friends,

We have concluded the first series of HSCRF Google Talks. For the past 15 months our focus was on "Wealth" which broadly includes finances, body, mind and speech. The talks begin with a general introduction on this topic and then Q&A with the audience.

Going forward we are requesting: More participation from you all and feed back.
Are the talks useful?
Are they easy to understand?
Are they practical?
Are the ideas implementable?

Please email discover your feedback and if you like to participate in the talk show.

We are looking for participants for Holistic Science Google Talk shows – it is an hour of commitment on 3rd Sunday of the month from 8 pm – 9 pm Central USA time.

Click here to view our previous Holistic Science Google Talks

Stay tuned for our 2016 seminars and workshops in your area. Click here to register for Houston and LA seminars.

HOUSTON TX ……………..FRI/SAT/SUN. JULY 9, 10 2016


CHICAGO IL ……………….SAT. SEPT. 17 2016


We look forward to your attendance.

This month’s articles are below.

Everyone is correct from their viewpoint

5fb4dfb4-4d47-4bb4-b6b6-b57a4e5fd776.jpg S.gif

Read more

Faith and Reason

We live in a society today where it is acceptable to say that faith in a higher power or religious identity is not important in day- to- day living. A significant number of people either want nothing to do with God, Religion, and Scriptures or question the efficacy of faith. Personal experience and self-reliance matter most to this group of people. Faith in the authority of God has been the common theme in all religions and one that has prevailed throughout human history. It appears to be snapping in the present time and is becoming a matter of concern to modern day religious leaders. At almost any point in human history, this would have been unacceptable. The importance of faith and spirituality at both the societal and individual level is not felt and appreciated as much as it was in the past. It is not a desirable trend because the whole purpose of Faith and Spirituality is to be a source of guidance and strength to us during difficult times. It gives us the inner strength to live life with meaning, grace, peace and beauty. Read more


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