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TEST MESSAGE February 6, 2017

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Dada Bhagavan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho!

Jai Sachchidanand!


2 Responses to “TEST MESSAGE”

  1. Nirav Shah Says:

    I hate to send a negative comment, I REALLY REALLY I do- but I must feedback and let you know that the English translations in monthly Akram Vignan are just *painful*. I know everyone is trying their best but gosh. Just painful to read and follow. LOL We need to do better. Can we do better? Lots of very important info but the message just hits a wall with the klunky, awkward and sometimes downright strange translations. Again my deepest apologies but I just mean this feedback in the spirit of continuous improvement, that’s all. I am happy to provide further details if you need them. Jai Sachchidanand.

  2. kusum Gajjar Says:

    Jay Sachchidanand to all

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