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Atlanta Youth and Adult Shibir – Registration Deadline May 10th May 1, 2017

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Youth and Adult Shibir Organized by Jai Satchchidanand Sangh (JSS) USA, JJS Youth USA and Holistic Science Center Research Foundation (HSCRF)

The purpose of this Shibir / Workshop is to enhance our understanding of life and nature. Almost every one of us live a householder family life and obviously have set goals to achieve them. And today, we are living in a world with many difficult issues that we have to deal with and the atmosphere around us is such that we sometimes deviate from our set goals and many times we cannot even fulfill our goals. This shibir is organized to understand the core principles of Vitrag Vignan or Holistic Science, which happens to be the core of every known Religion of the world and how to apply them in our day-to-day life to make us better individuals, and understand our life and nature. And by doing so, we would be happy within ourselves and would be able to live a blissful life. This, in turn, would certainly enhance our set goals and make us stronger as individual humans and collectively, a responsible human society.

This Shibir is covering solutions to many important issues of Day to Day Living

By the blessings of Shree Dada Bhagwan and in the presence of the "Mother of Prakruti" Shree Amba Mataji. We, members of JSS, JSS Youth and HSCRF cordially invite ONE and ALL and take the benefit of VITRAG VIGNAN… HOLISTIC SCIENCE…. Kindly register by 10th May at Www.atlshibir.org