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Atlanta Shibir Highlights June 22, 2017

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Shibir/ Workshop was Jointly organized by Jai Satchchidanand Sangh USA, JSS youth and Holistic Science Center Research Foundation (HSCRF)

Shibir/Workshop main title was “How to Live Happy and Peaceful Life Naturally and Effortlessly”.

We had initially planned to have both Swami Deepakanandji and Dr. Haresh Patel as speakers and one of the youth members as moderator. However, youth members requested that Dr. Haresh Patel moderates the sessions, give an introduction, and expert comment.

Swami Deepakanandji was a primary speaker. All his presentations were excellent. He was thorough in presenting and explaining in detail each topic to audience Dr. Haresh Patel explained the practical aspect of the topics/subjects presented application part of it. He conducted a practical demonstration on Relationship session where he showed how the scientific principles of relationship work and it was very well received and applauded by attendees. All the sessions were well moderated by him.

On Food and Health session, we had two experts who gave their input. Dr. Rupali briefly discussed basic principles of Ayurveda and Pranayama and demonstrated a few simple techniques of pranayama and Dr. Nimish talked about vegetarianism, vitamins, food etc.

All topics were well presented and thoroughly discussed and well appreciated by attendees.
Question and Answer session was very interactive, attendees asked questions and both Swami Deepakanandji and Dr. Haresh Patel gave very good and satisfactory explanations.

At the end of the shibir/workshop, attendees indicated that they never attended a workshop like this one. Everyone recommended that we should have this type of workshop every year and more often. There is a strong request to have more practice session with demonstration and practical exercise like Relationship session.

Youth group suggested that such Workshop should be organized for youth group.

Two day shibir/workshop was well attended. Of the forty-five who attended the shibir/workshop, ten were youth, and fifteen had no Atma-Gnan. Two individuals who were on wheel chairs and one person with a vision impairment came specially to attend the shibir/workshop and enjoy the scientific interaction.

Saturday evening Swami Deepakanadji Satsang on Temple was very good and all devotee understood with acceptance that God is with in us and it need to be enlighten. Satsang was well received.

We all Thank to Shakti Mandir for providing generous support, we all thank to all Local Mahatmas, non Mahatmas who has provided big support and help plus JSS, JSS youth , Dr. Radhe from HSCRF foundation to support us.


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