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Youth Shibir Satsang now posted online… August 17, 2017

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Jai Sachchidanand JSSYouth!

By the divine grace of both Shri Dada Bhagwan and Gnanipurush Param Pujya Shri Kanudadaji and the heartfelt blessings of all the Aptaputras, Guru Purnima each year inevitability brings to light invaluable insights and illuminates solutions to life’s personal and collective challenges. Thanks to the devoted efforts of the Detroit area Mahatmas and their families last month we were all able to once again truly appreciate the boons from this auspicious celebration of the True Self!

Below is a link to some of the many enlightening Satsangs offered by Aptaputras during the weekend. May these videos continue forward the spirit of Guru Purnima while we eagerly await gathering again next year in South Carolina!



Jai Sachchidanand!

JSS Youth
Ramtirth & Anand Patel


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