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Need help understanding – FILE NU SAMBAVE-NIKAL – Answered September 16, 2010

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Dearest Dadaji and Mahathmas,

I would like to express my Jai Satchitanand to you all. I had a few things on my mind for quite some time now with reference to Akram Vignan. I will try to narrate them and give you my interpretation of the teachings and I hope that you will help shed some light onto whatever I am thinking so that I will be able to put it to its maximum use.


It is my understanding that every living being that we come across in our day to day lives has some kind of an unsettled issue from my past birth with me (FILE#1) and so for all those files ‘Pratikraman’ needs to be done and hence FILE #1 will settle their Account. But what is to be done about the ‘STICKY’ Files, Such as Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, Close Friends Etc. Usually, as per what I experience, there are hardly ever any Negative thoughts or actions against these ‘STICKY’ Files. How do we do SAMBAVE NIKAL for these files?

SDA: Let me share my understanding of ‘Sambhave Nikal’. It has two faces. One, our cordial interaction as per the demand of the situation is necessary, so that the matter subsides and the issue settles down. By doing this relation, file gets total satisfaction!! Second, with the help of the ‘Vision’ you remain separate as a mere ‘Observer’ so, any lapse in the amicable settlement would be perceived by you and you would further correct your mistake accordingly through Pratikraman performed by Atish.

Now, those close files what you have referred to are, and normally has ‘liking aspects’ from our side. So, with the help of the ‘Science of Akram Vignan’ identify them as files and understand that these ‘Relatives’ are of ‘liking’ type and with the end of the effect of karma, even this effect would also subside. So, do not have any opinion that they are so very good and see these other files, they bother me so much!! In both these effects viz. with liking and disliking files… your ‘discharge egoism’ experiences positive and negative effects respectively, which is also a very subtle object of ‘observation’ in our “Pure Soul” Vision and you are [“Pure Soul”] separate from it. They are also temporary and would finally depart. So, when they eventually depart you won’t have any hard feelings. You would remain as “Pure Soul” totally free from elevations and depressions that may result from these files and enjoy the experience of freedom and perpetual bliss!!

As far as I understand, we do Pratikraman in this Birth to reduce the number of FILES that we carry over to the Next Birth. If this is true then why is it that we make efforts throughout our lives to Increase the Number of ‘STICKY’ files by getting MARRIED having CHILDREN, being a part of Society etc etc.

SDA: We would leave such sticky files as it is or even further complicate the file if we do not handle them in an amicable way and mess around with them… Sambhave Nikal. Our thoughts for marriage itself indicates that we are not creating a new file but that file is in the pipeline and is waiting to come but today may be circumstances are not favorable due to which it is not getting surfaced. Just think Lord Mahavira was requested by his parents to marry… He was requested by Angel Indra to take ‘Diksha’ for the benefit of the millions who are going to get liberated through him. The wealth and things needed for the year long charity before taking Diksha are all supplied by the Angels!! And we have struggle for our daily requirements, just imagine!! On attaining Absolutism, Angels are the one who arranges SAMVOSARAN for his ever first Sermon [Desana] after attaining Absoluteness; surprising, isn’t it? So, we have to identify our sticky files and better learn to handle them in an amicable manner to free ourselves from its obligations. It is compulsory to marry and bare children or remain without children but it is optional and left to us how to handle our file!!

I know from your teachings that we do not have control over what circumstances that come our way, and we need to live our day to day life as it comes, then why is it that our Society is so bent on the culture of MARRIAGE??

SDA: Because of our instincts it is compulsory to marry, otherwise these instincts would make us commit such terrible mistakes in which we would even loose this exceptional and miraculous ‘Light of Knowledge’ that we have acquired merely by the divine grace of Kanudadaji!! There is no need to make the marriage as an issue but just live naturally as things come in your life of course, within the boundaries of ‘Nine-Diamonds’.

Shouldn’t we just simply wait for the Circumstances to come forward and then Jump into this WELL?? Instead of Inviting New Files into our present lives by forcing our selves to look at ‘prospects’.

SDA: We should just live as things come in our lives. However, it should not happen that we wanted something but when we fail for any reason then we become indifferent to it and at times even become apparently antagonist. Vyavusthit doesn’t say don’t try otherwise nature can claim, you never tried. So, try as much possible without hurting anybody. If you fail, try indirectly through some reliable agencies. Still if you don’t succeed, pray to Dada Bhagwan, Kanudadaji and even tell Vyavusthit… please deliver at the earliest and then whatever happens is destined and accept it as your Karma… i.e. your Hisaab. This is how you should be handling things in your life… otherwise you become responsible in the nature for which you would surely suffer!!!

I have always thought to myself that if I am going to meet someone to share my life with, that particular ‘FILE’ will find me or I will find her no matter what the circumstance.

SDA: This is perfect… yet keep trying… without any kind of insistence or prejudice. This will help you live with “Pure Soul Vision” and make you experience bliss in your own life’s circumstances weather you succeed or fail. This is because success and failure are in the Relative only… Real is free from circumstance, being separate it simply observes circumstances and remains blissful perpetually and that is our own nature…!! Enjoy and take care… Jai Sachchidanand!

These are just a few thoughts that have come to me, with the circumstances that I am facing today, please shed some light onto these thoughts, If I have in any way with my mind, speech or body caused harm to anyone by any of my actions please forgive me for the same. It was not my intention to hurt or harm anyone.

Lagutam Bhave Jai Satchitanand, Atish (black font)

Response by Swami Deepakanandji entered into the question in Brown Font